Sheraton DFW

Dallas, TX

Harbaugh Hotels managed this property for 23 years, with strong customer service level scores during our tenure. After a multi-million dollar ballroom expansion, this property was considered the premier hotel in the Las Colinas area for social events. Through extensive sales and marketing efforts, the hotel established an extraordinary working relationship with Fortune 500 companies such as American Airlines, Sony Corp. and GTE. With the addition of the Ashley Wine Cellar, the hotel hosted a number of premier winemakers and vintners from the Napa/ Sonoma regions, including Michael and Tim Mondavi, Mike Grgich, Ed Sbragia from Beringer, and Bo Barrett from Chateau Montelena. The hotel was awarded the Wine Spectator “Award of Excellence” for its wine list during that time.

San Bernardino Hilton

San Bernardino, CA

The Different

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