Finance & Administration

Providing Proven Hotel Management Services

Drive Revenue

Our number one goal is provide the best hotel management services possible to drive revenue and meet your ROI expectations.

Using a comprehensive approach, the hospitality management services of Harbaugh Hotel Management Company are designed to increase profitability by helping our clients establish strong financial and administrative systems. Our services include these key components

Variance Analysis

This kind of narrowed-down analysis helps us define the precise scope, cost and other variants that affect a hotel’s bottom line.

Internal Audit Program

A self-administered plan by the local Director of Finance, accompanied by an annual review by the CFO, is an effective way to ensure internal controls are being followed.

STAR Report Comparison

Our financial team is as equally concerned with revenue generation as it is with cost controls. On a daily, weekly and monthly basis, we dive deep into our reports to guarantee our sales strategies are maximizing our potential revenue goals.

Labor Control Analysis

Recognizing that this is the largest controllable expense in a hotel, we utilize labor control software to analyze savings opportunities and maximize productivity. Weekly and monthly meetings ensure managers understand departmental staffing guidelines.

Benefit Administration

As the second largest expense in the hotel, areas such as sick time, unemployment claims, and worker’s compensation claims are carefully monitored by our Human Resource Department to ensure there are no wasted dollars. Auditing employee hours for insurance eligibility are also important in this area.

Benchmarking Analysis

Using industry data from sources such as PKF, HVS and STAR, we take a hard look at our operating margins to determine where we can make improvements.