About Us


Harbaugh Hotel Management Company provides entrepreneurial managers who excel at staying on top of the ever-changing environment of hotel operations. Ingenuity, innovative thinking and initiative in management techniques, these are the qualities we look for when placing on-site management personnel. Other hotel management companies may believe in a more bureaucratic process, but we believe having on-site autonomy is the best way for managers to quickly and effectively improve performance.

Benefits of Our Boutique Hotel Management

Don’t let our size fool you. While larger, corporate hotel management companies get bogged down in overbearing bureaucracy,
we gain an intimate awareness of your company operations, resulting in:

More Direct Lines of Communication

Immediate Policy Implementation

Faster Decision-Making

Living Up To Our History

Harbaugh Hotel Management Company has been dedicated to offering exceptional guest service since its establishment in 1983. George Harbaugh began the company using his extensive past experience working with the Hilton organization as well as other prestigious hotels, including The Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles Hyatt Regency Hotel, and the Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel. His goal was to create a company with a discriminating and highly skilled management team, with the ability to operate hotels more efficiently than larger corporations.

Today, Harbaugh Hotel Management Company has a solid record and long-standing reputation for providing superior guest services while taking profits to a higher level. The company is based in California and currently operates properties in California, Nevada and Washington, D.C.