Creating a Niche Market in the Hospitality Industry


Harbaugh Hotel Management Company has been standing for excellence in hospitality since George Harbaugh founded the firm in 1983 on the principal that a small and highly skilled management team can operate hotels more efficiently than large corporations. For more than 30 years, we’ve operated some of the country’s most prestigious hotels, proving this principal correct.

Today, from our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, Harbaugh Hotel Management Company has developed a niche market within the boutique hotel category. By developing the distinctive qualities of these hotels, we foster certain characteristics that set them apart from other properties. We’ve expanded this market to include hotels in California, Nevada and Washington, D.C.

Providing Elite Standards

Harbaugh Hotel Management Company is a new breed of independent, boutique hotel management companies, grounded in the traditional values of guest service and detail-oriented operations management. Working with both branded and independent properties, we take pride in achieving an elite standard of service while improving profit margins. Our success in maintaining the highest-level services has allowed us to also create long-lasting relationships with the international labor unions, a distinction that sets us apart from other hotel management companies.

More Direct Lines of Communication

Immediate Policy Implementation

Offering Strong Leadership

With more than a century of combined experience, our management team understands what it takes to simultaneously meet our clients’ goals of excellent customer service and increased profits. Without sacrificing one for the betterment of the other, the vigilance of the leaders of our company has resulted in continuous return visits from guests while maintaining healthy earnings.

Operating with a small yet highly experienced upper management staff is essential to or philosophy. With a team as skilled as ours, our size affords the freedom to do what we do best…create success.